Submitted by: Lisa Smith
These are slave names listed on the membership rolls of Brown's Creek Church. (Union Co., SC)

William Gibert's        Washington
David Adams'            Artilda and Sally
Wm Sims'                   Judy and Rachel
Robert Gists'             Nelson
William Dunn's          Sally
Rece's                        Lucy and Susan
C. Simesses'              Morry and Milly
C. Brandon's             George
Thomas Gordon's     Mary
J. Simses                   Seller and John
Sarah Gist's              Robbins, Evaline, Norrises, Elvy, Butana, Sisly, May, Mayella, Ann, Patsy, Dolly, Rachel, Samson, George, Winny, Margaret.
David Johnson's       Nancy and Frank
E. Johnson's              Isabel
David Adams'           Isaac and Peter
Mary Cook's            Hannah
John Gist's                Federick
Knight Sims              Griff
E. Johnson                George
Joseph Crafford's     Dilsey
Thomas Pairs            Fanny and Jane
K. Simses                  Liddy and  Polly
John Smith's             Hannah
Johnson's                  Sopha
James McLure         Nathan
Jane Hughes'            Hannah
Wm. Giles                 Harriet
Henry Ascew            Mary

I just came across this in some of my old files, and though I would pass it along.


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