Hi all!  This is my index page for what I have available on slave information.  Right now, I just have a few wills where slaves' names were mentioned and also a list of slaves who were members of Brown's Creek Church (I believe that was in South Carolina, but I'm really not sure).  A good email list for people searching for slave ancestors is the slaveinfo-l@rootsweb.com  Like with any rootsweb list, the way to subscribe (also mentioned on my Index page ) is by sending a new mail message to slaveinfo-l-request@rootsweb.com with the ONLY word in the body of the message being: subscribe  The rootsweb server is very picky and if you put any more or less or even spell the word wrong, it won't work, so that means turn off your signature files and triple check your spelling (the most common error I have seen is s-u-b-s-c-r-i-p-e by the way).  Also, I highly recommend http://www.afrigeneas.com to anyone researching African Americans anywhere.

This is a list of all the pages related to slaves on tbe Genealogy Depository:

This is a list of all the pages related to free blacks in North Carolina before the Civil War. These are transcriptions of documents I've uncovered from the NC State Archives while working on a research project of free blacks in NC:

Here are links to wonderful websites on African American history, genealogy, and resources including slave era and after:

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