Will of Anne Griffith - Will Book "B" p. 231

Be it known that I Anne Griffith do make and ordain the following my last will and testament.  1st. My daughter Susan EBERHART and Mary JOHNSON in my opinion not having received from their father an equal proportion with the others of our children I leave to them the following negroes viz: to my daughter Susan I leave my negro boy Frank and to my daughter Mary my negro boy Burton Taliafero.  2nd. It is my will that the remainder of the negroes at my disposal be equally divided amongst all my children, including one of the legatees, the children of my son John, dec"d, and this equal division to be made in the following manner, viz: To my son Robert I leave my negro boy Jack, to my son James I leave my negro boy Peter, to my son David I leave my negro boy Kemp Porter. To my daughter Susan Eberhart I leave my negro girl Polly, to my daughter Mary Johnson I leave my negro woman Dafny, and her two children Sarah Ann and Benjamin with their future increase.  Each of the negroes which are mentioned this second of my will are to valued, and the whole amount of the valuation to be divided into seven equal shares, and those of my children who may more than an equal proportion agreeable to valuation
given them by this 2nd section of my will shall be bound to pay so much to my daughter Nancy Elliot and the children of my sone John dec'd to wom I may have given no negroes and also to whom I may given less than an equal proportion as shall make every part equal to every other.

I do appoint my three sons Robert Griffith, James Griffth and David Griffith my executors, Written this 12th day of Dec. 1820 and signed in the presence of
Thos. Meriweather
Rebecca Meriweather
David Meriweather                               Ann  her X mark Griffith

It is my request to my children that my son David have negro man James, and
my daughter Nancy negro woman Dinah at their valuation.
                                                                 Ann her X
mark Griffith
Personally appeared David Meriweather one of the subscribing witnesses to this will being duly sworn, deposeth and saith he saw the within named Ann Griffith dec'd acknowledge publish and declare the within  instrument of writing to be her last will and testament and at the time of her so doing she of sound mind and memory to the best of my knowledge and belief so help
me God.
                                                        David Meriweather

Prob. Ct., term of Court 1823

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