Submitted byMichael Woodham.  In the email to me, Michael wrote:  I believe that the Edward Woodham in the will posted on your site is the father of the Aris Woodham in this will.  The female slave Sene was my ancestor.

Will of Aris Woodham
State Of South Carolina
Darlington District

   In the name of God Amen. I Aris Woodham of the District and State foresaid, now being in a low state of health but of sound mind, and in memory, do hereby dispose of the whole of my property in the following manner.(vis)............In the first place I give unto my wife Rachel Woodham and unto my son Asa Woodham-the plantation and tract of land whereon I now live containing one hundred and fifty eight acres. Also one other tract of land containing seventy six acres -also one other tract tract of land containing three hundred acres - known as the Mill tract to be held by them cojointly for the support of my young children. (vis) Margret, Feriba, Rachel, Lousia, Dupree, Stphen, & Iras - I also give unto my wife and son Asa, one negro woman named SENE, one negro boy named WILL, and one negro man named JEFS, which said negro man to be disposed of as I shal hereafter direct together with my household fruniture, plantations tools, stock of every discription that I posses - to be in their possession and distributed proportionably to my young children as they may, marry or arrive at the age of twenty one years. In the second place, I give unto my son Athanasus Woodham one tract of land whereon he now lives containing one hundred and sixty eight acres---In the third place I give unto my son Edward Woodham on tract of land whereon he now lives containing one hundred sixty eight acres---In the fourth place I give unto my son Aris one bay mare, one feather bed and furniture, one cow calf and bridle and saddle, Also that  the said Negro man JEFS shell be hired but the January after my decease, and monies arising from his hire be given to my son Aris, untill he receives a porportionate with my sons Athanasus, and Edward--then said negro to be sold by my Exers. and the monies arising from the sale to be divided between my young children, untill they recieve that part that I hereafter state. In the fifth place- I give unto my gaughter Margret Woodham one mare bridle, & sadle, one cow and calf and one bed and furniture.In the sisth place, I give unto Daughter Ferba Woodham- one horse bridle and sadle, one cow and calf, and one bed and furniture. In the seventh place, I give unto my daughter Rachel Woodham one bridle and sadle-one cow and calf and one bed and fruniture In the eighth place, I give unto my daughter Louisa Woodham one horse bridle and sadle-one cow and calf and one bed and furniture. In the ninth place,- I give unto my son Stephen Woodham one horse bridle and sadle and one calf-one feather bed and money to be paid to him by my Executors- to make his part of
property equal- to my sons that are now married off-- this money to paid out of the monies arising out of the sale of the negro man Jefs and if the said negro shou’d die prvious to the sale it is my will that my Executors sell property of the estate-sufficient to make my son Stephen equal with those stated--In the tenth place I give unto my son Iras Woodham- one horse bridle and saddle, one cow and calf-one feather bed and furniture- and a proportionate part of the money, as given to my son Stephen-In the last place I give unto my wife, and son Asa one Grist mill & Cotton Gin (with this exception) that the whole of my children shall have their grinding and picking done free from toal-and in case of having to rebuild, or repair, said mill & gin-for them all to do a proportionate part-It is also my will that if the Negro JEFS shou’d die prvious to his hire amounting to the sum-stated for my son Aris- the Executors will raise his proportionate part from the sales of property of the estate.  I do hereby constitute and appoint my wife Rachel Woodham, Executrix and my two sons Asa Woodham, and Athanasus Woodham Executors to  this my last will and testament  In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal- this fifth day of June in the year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred and eighteen
Signed in the presense of
Jas Rembert                                                     Aris Woodham (seal)
Felix Ellis
Ind Millar
E P Muse
Recorded in will book 4 page 57
Recorded 22d July 1818
Geo. Bruce Ordinary DDApt, A. pkg. 695

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